Aswan was our first stop in our route from the South to the North of Egypt through the Nile. Having breakfast at the hotel, we met Hager, a woman from Cairo who was spending some weeks in Aswan. We invited her to join us and she did. We spent very nice time together sailing on felucca to the Aswan Botanic Island. Views there were fantastic. The entrance fee is 20 L.E.

Views from the Aswan Botanic Garden

Later we sailed to Elephantine Island where we visited the Aswan Museum and ruins from some temples. Entrance is 70 L.E. After visiting many places in Egipt I would say this museum is not worthy. However, we visited the Nubian Museum where we could learn about the Nubians and see the firsts sarcophagus of our trip. The Museum was quite dark so Hager and Mat guided me.

Felucca sailing the Nile

Next day was a big day! We departed around 4 a.m. to Abu Simbel for 250 L.E. The temples in Abu Simbel are breathtaking. This is one of the most amazing places I have been in Egypt. Built more than 3.000 years ago, Ramses II temple is one of the treasuries of Egypt. It has been moved by UNESCO stone by stone to preserve it. Inside you can see the frescoes and, every year, for the birthday of Ramses II and the day he became king, the sunlight enters until the last wall of the temple to light the face of the figure of Ramses II and his favourite wife Nefertari. We paid the entrance, a local fee and a guide fee and if you want to make pictures inside the temples, there is another fee… tourists are business.

Ramses II Temple in Abu Simbel

Before starting our cruise in Aswan, we sailed to Agilika Island to visit the Philae Temple Complex. There we entered into the Temple of Isis, wife of Osiris and goddess of fertility, motherhood and magic.

Temple of Philae in Aswan