Pamplona or Iruña is the capital of Navarra, Spain. Founded by the Romans, this city is famous worldwide for the San Fermín festival, with the bull run, that takes place annually from July 6 to 14. Pamplona has a monument dedicated to the bull run. This event brings people from all around the world to run in front of six bulls through ancient streets at 8:00am.

The center of Pamplona is familiar due to I have seen it many times in TV every July. The City Hall square is where the festival starts with the “chupinazo” (the firing of a rocket).

The other main square is the Castle Square which is the social life center of the city. This square had a castle during 3 centuries but now there is no trace, even do it is a beautiful place with colourful buildings, all built with similar style.

Pamplona surprised me, I found it very beautiful with its ancient streets, its historical places and its tasty food. This ancient city is surrounded by walls and it has a well conservated citadel perfect for a walk.

We found the city quite accessible and nice. We also notice that one day is not enough for a proper visit so I am sure I will visit again.